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Obeo - Make money by taking pictures of homes for sale

Obeo make money taking pictures of homes

Obeo make money taking pictures of homes

As we uncover opportunities for generating a side income from your photography hobby, in this post we will cover a company called Obeo.

About Obeo

Obeo was created to serve the real-estate market. They offer payments to photographers for taking pictures of homes which are for sale. The company was founded in 2002.

When working for Obeo as a photographer, you will be assigned to take pictures of New homes, rental properties, existing homes, vacation properties and commercial properties. Obeo has been serving the real estate professionals with services like virtual tours, community websites to home building community, work progress photos to their revolutionary furniture placer tool.

Details of Photography Work

Freelance photographers are at the core of Obeo’s business. They need people with a photography background.

As a photographer, Obeo require you to use external flash photography on all your assignments, so you need a little more than just a digital camera.

It normally takes less than 30 min to photograph a home and less than 20 min to process the photos for each home.
Payment is on a “per house” basis for each property that you photograph as a sub-contractor. Payment amounts depend on what type of photographs.

How to submit Photos?

If you are selected, photography orders are forwarded to you via e-mail. Once you get an order it will be your responsibility to:

  • Set appointments
  • Photograph the home
  • Process and upload photos to Obeo website

If you feel that you are a good fit for Obeo, you can fill out the form at obeo.com.

Where to Start?

You can review the details on the following website about how to create an account and how to submit your work.

Company Address and Contact Information:

Obeo U.S. Corporate Office
563 West 500 South – Suite 130
Bountiful, UT 84010
Phone: 801-533-0360
Web Address: http://www.obeo.com

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