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LookBetterOnline - Make money by Freelance Photography

LookBetterOnline make money taking pictures of people

LookBetterOnline make money taking pictures of people

As we uncover opportunities for generating a side income from your photography hobby, in this post we will cover a company called Look Better Online with a very interesting and unique business model.

About Look Better Online:

LookBetterOnline was created by online daters to help online daters. If you are a good photographer and if your calling is to make people look their best in their photos, then this may be the opportunity for you.

At LookBetterOnline, they take dating seriously and recognize that the only way to achieve good results is to post great dating photos. A great-looking dating photo that shows you at your very best makes that easy.

They have established a network of talented, professional photographers across North America.

LookBetterOnline provides an “end-to-end” service that will help their customers to create an outstanding online dating profile that will help them to get the best results in dating in the shortest possible time.

Details of Photography Work

They are looking for photographers who can render great photographs of men and women, which will look casual, relaxed, friendly and inviting. These are qualities most highly valued in online dating photos. If your style is formal, glamorous, cheesy, stark and rigid then your style may not be appropriate and you may not be accepted by them.

How to submit Photos?

Please fill in the form at their website shown below and if you get shortlisted you will receive a call from them. As there may be many applicants, it may take a few days before they call so, please be patient.

Where to Start?

You can review the details on the following website about how to create an account and how to submit your work.

Company Address and Contact Information:

Phone: 1(888) 282-9777
Web Address: http://www2.lookbetteronline.com

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