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Fast Snap - Make money on the side as a Real-estate Photographer

Fastsnap make money by photography service

Fastsnap make money by photography service

As we cover opportunities for generating a side income from your photography hobby, in this post we will cover a company called Fast Snap.

If you love photography and would like to grow it as a source for side income without committing as for a full time job, then FastSnap may provide you with a wonderful option. Both FastSnap and CirclePix work in the Real-estate Market, but they operate in different ways as you can see below (you can read more details of CirclePix here).

About Fast Snap

FastSnap is a market place for buyers and sellers of photography service. They provide an exclusive directory of photographers willing to provide their service in a particular area. Most of their business is focused for the real-estate market and as a photographer you will be taking pictures of homes for sale.

By assisting photographers in finding buyers in need of photography services, FastSnap charges transaction fees for providing this service. All applicable transaction fees are included in prices quoted for their service.

The Directory is populated with information provided by you when you submit the details of services you offer.

Details of Photography Work for FastSnap

To be a FastSnap photographer you MUST have a digital camera. It is helpful to have a broadband connection if it is available in your area. Since most of their customers are looking for photos of residential or commercial properties, relevant experience in any kind of real estate, insurance, or mortgage field services would be helpful.

You can sign up for as many zip codes as you want, and establish the price you will charge the customer for each job.

How to submit Photos:

You must be able to do this work during normal business hours Monday through Friday. The work cannot be done on evenings or weekends. If you have a “day job” that requires you to be present at an office during normal business hours, this may not work out for you.

However if you are a stay at home mom who has some spare time during the day, then this may be a perfect opportunity for you to generate a side income.

Where to Start?

You can review the details on the following website about how to create an account and advertise your photography service for the real-estate market.

Company Address and Contact Information

FastSnap, LLC
P.O. Box 0931
Reseda, CA 91337-0931
Phone: 877-764-1980
Web Address: http://www.fastsnap.com

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