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CirclePix - Make Money Photographing Homes For Sale

Circlepix Realestate Markeing Company

Circlepix Realestate Markeing Company

As we cover opportunities for generating a side income from your photography hobby, in this post we will provide the details a company named Circle Pix.

OK, so you like photography and like to take pictures for fun. Do you like to use your photography talent to help homeowners and real-estate agents to sell homes faster?

Or you can help home buyers to find their dream homes quicker? If you like this idea, an like to work from home during your spare time then Circle Pix has several opportunities for you.

About Circle Pix

CirclePix.com LLC specializes in providing comprehensive marketing solutions to real estate professionals. The CirclePix STAR Marketing (Simple Technologies Automating Real Estate Marketing) platform offers a comprehensive, automated real estate marketing solution. This system includes features such as search engine optimization, video capabilities, lead-generation tools to simplify real estate marketing.

CirclePix opened its doors in January 2000 after its founders attended the 1999 NAR expo in Orlando Florida.

While on the Expo, their founder Robert Davis visited a small booth in the far corner of the expo that was selling a “one shot” panoramic lens that didn’t charge for the number of shots. All the other systems in the market at that time used to charge you per panoramic shot.

With the new system, all you had to do is buy a lens and you could produce unlimited virtual tours. This lens was revolutionary. Not only was it cost effective to photograph a virtual tour of a home, but it could film an entire 360-degree panoramic image with one shot.

In 2009 CirclePix introduced STAR Marketing, an automated online marketing solution. With their STAR Marketing, a Real Estate Agent can add a listing to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and CirclePix will automatically create a full Property Site, Listing Video, mobile platform and 24 hour information. These items will be linked to all the major real estate portals and social networking sites.

CirclePix is now integrated with Twitter, developed a video uploading app and created a Facebook marketing system.

Details of the Work you can do for Circle Pix as a Photographer

CirclePix is looking for quality driven individuals utilizing their skills as a photographer and leveraging their STAR marketing platform.

Here is how you can collaborate with Circle Pix to Make Money from your Photography Hobby

Circle Pix is looking for skilled photographers to shoot real estate properties and promote the CirclePix marketing platform. You can send an email to support@circlepix.com to get more information.

Where to Start:

There are now many Photography positions open in several metros, cities and towns throughout the US. You can review the details on the following website (click and expand the photography section) about how to create an account and how to submit your past work.

Company Address and Contact Information:

Circle Pix
676 West 1200 North Springville, UT 84663
Phone: 877-390-6630
Web Address: http://www.circlepix.com

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