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iStock - Make money from your photos

iStock sell your photos for money

iStock sell your photos for money

As we uncover opportunities for generating a side income from your photography hobby, in this post we will cover a company called iStock.

About iStock:

iStock, started in 2000 as the source for royalty-free stock images, media and design elements. They started with just a handful of photos, now in addition to photos, they offer vector illustrations, videos, music and sound effects. They are owned by Getty Images the logo of which you can see in many news photos.

All iStock photos are royalty-free, which means their customers only have to pay once to use the image multiple times. iStock has millions of member customers and tens of thousands of contributing artists.

Anyone anywhere can join iStock for free as a contributing photographer.

Details of Photography Work

iStock accepts RGB JPG files only. TIFs, PNGs and PSDs will be declined. CMYK images will also be declined.
Here are the types of images iStock often need:

  • Corporate shots: Illustrate the many sides of modern business.
  • Concepts and Visual Metaphors: Go beyond the literal, and help a designer explain something in a new way.
  • Food and Beverages: Cuisines from around the globe.
  • Groups & Teams: People working together.
  • Holiday & Seasonal Themes: Show all the ways we celebrate. Include more than religious celebrations; let’s see local festivals and customs as well.
  • Non-Business Jobs: The word is filled with mechanics, garbage men, baristas, and more.
  • People Interacting: Human interaction is a constant in this world.
  • Religion and Spirituality: The rich tapestry of the world’s beliefs.
  • Science and Technology: Accurate and true depictions of the cutting edge of human knowledge.
  • Social Issues: Poignant looks into the issues that impact us.
  • Sports: For fun, for fitness, for glory. We’d love to see more team sports.

How to submit Photos?

In order to start submitting images and making money you need to register at iStock. The personal information in your account must be full and accurate in order to upload files to iStock. Ensure that your full first and last name are correct, and include your cover letter. They will ask you to take a quiz to identify your abilities.

Where to Start?

You can review the details on the following website about how to create an account and how to submit your work.
Royalty Schedule:
Their payment structure for contributors are driven by a Royalty Rate chart which can be seen at the below website:

Company Address and Contact Information

Suite 200 – 1240 20th Ave SE
Calgary, Alberta T2G 1M8
Phone: 1-866-478-6251
Web Address: http://www.istockphoto.com

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