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By , on June 20th, 2011 Medical Coder

Medical Coder Salary

A medical coder or coding specialist is responsible for translating symptoms and descriptions of diseases, drugs and procedures into medical codes. These codes are used for payment claims and maintenance of statistical records.

Salary Information

Shown below is the salary for a Medical Coder obtained from payscale.com

The salary outlook for medical billing and coding specialists is actually looking very bright.

As per 2011 figures, the annual salary ranges from $26,000.00 to 38, 000.00. But your salary could be higher based on your location and years of experience.

During the year 2011, the hourly rate varies from $12.00 to $17.00.

Currently there is a shortage of qualified medical coding specialists, and the demand is expected to escalate. This is due to the expansion of the medical industry in areas of medical tests, treatments and procedures, as well as the increase in the elderly population requiring health care. In time to come, every medical office is required to have at least one certified medical coding specialist for Medicare.