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There are many ways you can begin creating an income from home. One notion you should get out of your head though is thinking you can just jump in and begin making a full time income from the first day. If you are able to make money online it will not be enough to sit at home full time. For the first year or two a real job will be necessary. Work at a real job while learning what you are doing online. Once you have an income you feel wont dip and is high enough to support you it is time to consider working from home full time. If you are able to maintain your websites numbers and income while working at a real job then my recommendation of course would be to get the income from both.

The determining factor for your online income will be the amount of free web traffic you can generate. The more traffic will create more income as long as your website is monetized properly. When setting up your business do not overwhelm the visitor with monetization links or ads. You want them to be able to quickly find what they came to your website for. If your website becomes known as a helpful quality place then word will spread and you will receive more and more traffic. Split your page up centering your main content in the center and the monetization links on the right or left. A banner on the top of your site if it does not look tacky is good for monetization. One important thing to think about is the overall look of your website. The more appealing the

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