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What Is A Blog And What Is It For?

Blog is a kind of site. There are news sites, there are forums, there are online stores, have blogs. All these are types of sites.

What stands out from the rest of the blog site and what it usually is put?

To answer this question, it is important to say that blogs are divided into five types, and each of them carries a specific purpose it was created.

Here are 5 types:

Personal blog.

Professional blog.

Brand Blog.

News Blog.

Non-traditional blogs.

We now consider some of them in detail.

Personal blogging is a common web diary. In this blog usually write about personal events. Entries in this blog are most often about such title “Yesterday I went to the movies, I liked it” “I bought a pair of jeans – check out” etc.

In general, these diaries are kept for yourself and there are not a lot of visiters of them.

If a person is of publicity and writes interesting notes, his blog visits many other people with whom the author does not know personally.

Typically, these blogs are maintained on a free service.

Professional blog.

If a person is professionally engaged in some activity, then he can start a professional blog.

For example, a man fond of digital photography. In general, it is interesting, it gives it a long time and knows a lot of what could share with many budding photographers.

Typically, these blogs collect around him a large audience of people who are also interested in the topic. They read articles, comment them, suggest new ideas to the author, you can write about anything.

Money usually comes at the expense of advertising sales, as well as through the use of the blog system of contextual advertising.

Brand Blog.

This blog is usually used for branding a particular person or the whole company.

Useful material usually focuses on the blog, but most often it is pegged to the author – or it is saying the point of view, or a description of an event, or just a learning experience.

And this blog is perfect for the promotion of the author’s name. About he is beginning to be recognized by a lot of people who later become loyal customers in the core business of such person.

Another option is the use of a brand blog – to use the blog as the main site.

Its main activity is writing services for selling texts for different goods and services. And a person uses a blog to promote his name and earning extra money. He writes useful articles and places them on the blog.

The remaining variation of blogs.

Aside from personal blogs, some of which is created on the free services, all the other blogs are usually created on a free blog engine WordPress.

This engine is so flexible that you can create many different variants of blogs. Therefore, Photoblogs, blogs, portfolios, blogs, directories and other variants of blogs, which are different from the classic blog can be found in the Internet.

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