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Link Popularity – The Basis Of Search Engine Promotion

One of the important criteria for matching site for the user request into a search engine is the link popularity. This criterion is an estimate of the number and relevance of links leading to the site with other resources. Today’s search engines when ranking site to give high priority link popularity. Consequently, the higher the link popularity to promote the site, the higher its ranking among the search results. Link popularity also pay attention to certain directories, and in some search engines, this criterion is one of the most important, if not paramount.

With an operating time of link popularity it should be noted that the relevant references to popular resource are more valuable than dozens of irrelevant links. The reason for this is that in the recent past, link popularity site solely determined number of incoming links. As a result, it was created a lot of incoming links from dubious sites, as was carried out indiscriminate exchange links in order to manipulate the search engine. It should be recognized that the quantitative factor in the evaluation of link popularity is not completely lost its importance. But it should also be pointed out that the relevance of links is much more weight when ranking search engine site.


The more important link to the page, the more important page is.

Link is considered the most significant, if it leads to a related topic on the page.

In addition, the more relevant reference is to the page, the more weight this reference in determining link popularity.

Several significant links can increase the rating to promote the site much more than a lot of irrelevant.

Also the building of a list of outgoing links plays a great role. A site with lots of outgoing links on specific topics is indicated by the search engine as a site directory. In addition, it is likely that over time this site as a source of useful links, will refer to other thematic resources. And it will boost its link popularity and therefore search engine rankings. Perhaps a high-quality reference catalog is the best first step in building link popularity.

To test the link popularity the number of relevant links leading to the promoted website is important. The means of this system will be reciprocal links between sites related topics. In addition, the value of a quality built reference catalog.

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