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Freelance: Common Areas Of Work. Design.

Design. The second most common among remote workers is the profession of designer. In fact, it is simply not enough to come up with an original concept for the design of web pages and creation of graphic banners, animations. A skilled performer will be required to make it happen. From the perspective of the designer, a remote format of employment is also quite convenient. Freelance can be used as additional income, without interrupting your studies. It is known that most of the knowledge required creating design models of sites, or flash-animation, you can get the very first courses. Then it all depends on the experience and talent of the designer. And realize the talent and gain experience just by executing remote orders.

If we analyze the situation, it is easy to conclude that a freelancer, making his living by his ability to work with graphics programs, may in the future not to seek a permanent employment. Average cost per order at a high performance allows you to work in the literal sense “on yourself.” The skills of remote communication with the client, so necessary to any freelancer also are achieved. Accumulate high-quality work in the portfolio; there are regular customers, along honed skill. Such a scheme of work and personal development attracts a large number of people willing to try to become a remote designer.

Layout. Once the customer site is determined with the design layout, the next stage of development – coding. Coder has to translate the image into a format understood by the browser. Qualification of the coder depends on his ability to create a convenient and “easy” source of the page, to cope with the task in the shortest possible time. Typically, such work does not require the constant presence of staff in the workplace. To make high-quality makeup sometimes have to figure out some features of each specific project of the designer, but this is not a problem – everything is solved via email.

A good coder can perform not one but several orders a day, which does not require further elaboration. Moreover, one can improve his knowledge, by offering together with layout to set content of the sites on the control system. Such universalization helps to get a lot of profitable orders, not to cooperate with individual clients, but to be a remote worker of a web-design studio. Sometimes a coder works in tandem with the designer converting his projects. Working in tandem, freelancers can take projects more quickly improving the quality of their services.

Filling of the site. Not the most complex and for this reason, a fairly common operation. Some sites require users to put on their pages a lot of information. For example, when it comes to online store, which presents several thousand items. Other sites need daily updates. Needless to say, to organize a separate working place for the employee, pay him a salary – not the most sensible solution. At the same time, to teach extra staff member with tricks of the Internet for such a project, too, will not bring benefits. Output suggests itself – to find a remote extender.

Modern content management system can clearly define the access rights to the content of various users. Therefore, work on filling the site can be safely trusted with the remote freelancers. Typically, a singer – a frustrated copywriter, which is easier to carry out simple technical actions, than to write lyrics. But the site content requires a large amount of time and care. If you perform these tasks regularly and accurately, over time, can acquire the necessary knowledge and change their specialization. For many freelancers work of the filler (or as they say, content manager) – is their first step into the world of remote work, made during their school years.

In our opinion, here is described the profession – the easiest way to start a career of a freelancer. Anyway, for those who are self seeking for customers and not just hang out their resume and choose with whom begin to cooperate.

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