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Everything You Wanted To Know About Banner Ads, But Were Afraid To Ask

In this article I would like to talk about the hackneyed subject of banners. I promise that I will not recount all sorts of boring stories about banners, but merely present things as they really are.

In the subject of banner advertising is important to understand that such advertising is effective in the long run only in promoting the big brands and new brands, and not in increasing attendance.

The same banner hangs on hundreds of sites, and says – hey, look, we are here!

In general, the quality and click ability of the banner depends on the goal that set before him. If we want to promote the name of a new company or a major resource in the network, we do not need to click on the banner a lot of times, so we can make something vivid and memorable in the design.

But if you do decide to increase traffic to your resource through the banner advertising, then it is already possible to use different techniques and tricks of copyrighters.

One of the most effective techniques in this case may be promises of freebies and oily with an inscription such as “Push now, do not miss our great and tasty cheese.

Today, the animated banners are very popular, but if the animation was done in the topic (for example, recently hung a banner of one famous motor corporation, where the car was moving naturally on the banner and created a great effect), it naturally increases its click ability and memorability.

I do not advise you to act like some crooks who make banners in the form of messages or error messages informative, where you click OK, in this way they are trying to lure users with deception.

Do not do this! Because the deceived visitor is no longer a visitor … As they say, do not sell your reputation for nothing.

Some statistics:

If your banner is clicked by 1-2 visitors in a hundred, it’s all right; your banner is no worse and no better than the rest.

If 3-10 people, then congratulations, you get the cool banner.

If> 10, then your banner is one of the best.

A few simple tips on making and placing of banners.

1. Do not forget to mention on the banner what the user will receive when clicking on it. For example: Click here and get a free book for 9,97 $;

2. Express your slogans briefly, then the likelihood that they will be read rises.

3. And of course, do not forget to insert banners such words as: “Click here”, “Free,” “Simple”, “Fast”, etc.

4. Put your banners only at similar topics sites.

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