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Another Idle Platform (Sponsored Letters)

Since you as an online entrepreneur who just have to deal with INTERNET-marketing, it should be obvious the importance of the e-mail for the purpose of the latter.

Of course, you have the proper mailing list, you produce it regularly and increase the subscriber base, in addition, you use auto responder for the purpose of collecting addresses of potential customers, etc.

So, every letter that you send to their subscribers is truly a gold mine, which you can develop as many deep.


In fact, everything is simple. A small block of text that contains advertising of goods and services that you sell, whether your products and services, or offer your partners is placed at the top of each letter.

Do you know what I mean?

It is quite true in each of the majority of those letters which are sent to you as an essential element of your business, you can place an ad.

All ingenious are simple and the described case is no exception. You place ads in the letters, but as these letters reach potential customers who are sufficiently prepared to accept your advertising, you increase sales of advertised thus goods and services. That is, raise your profits.

Next, I briefly characterize the types of letters, in which the described text blocks with advertising should be added to increase the profitability of your online business.

1. Thank you letters.

The ones that your new subscribers get when subscribing to your newsletter. The ones that contain information on the details provided by the subscriber and subscription bonuses, if any.

2. Confirmation letter.

These are letters that your customers get after making their reservation, as a confirmation of receipt of payment and to describe the details of delivery. It is hardly possible to find a letter, giving a higher response to being placed in their advertising.

3. Letters to unsubscribe.

Well, it so happened that the subscriber wishes to be removed from your subscription list. Well, anything can happen. But since you wish to exclude from being pressed accidentally subscribers not on those links, you send them a letter, asking to confirm unsubscribing, do you?

So why not put the letters in your ad units?

Here you have absolutely nothing to lose: the man from leaving you once and for all, once he decided to unsubscribe from your mailing list. The latter is your chance – to offer him something to buy, before he will part with you.

Experience shows that such an approach is often an effective method.

However, it is not necessarily to limit with placement of the text box at the top of the letter. Do not put yourself in rather absurd limits. Use your imagination and you’ll find a lot of different options in this area.

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