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6 Reasons Why No One Will Promote Your Information Product, Even If It Solves The Problems Of People!

In order to win over owners of commercial projects, the author of an information product enters into correspondence with them and as a result … he is denied. Yes, it happens! Owners of commercial projects are denied to the author of information products in co-operation.

Why is this happening?

REASON # 1. The owner of an information product cannot clearly explain what he needed from the owner of a commercial project, with whom he was going to cooperate.

Oddly enough, but this is the first reason that the majority of owners of commercial projects refuse to cooperate. They read a long letter, which, in fact, is not an offer and does not show the benefits of participation in it, but only advertises the product itself.

REASON # 2. The owner of an information product offers to the owner of a commercial product low partnership rewards.

Many owners of the information products offered to its partners low partnership rewards, despite the high cost of the product. Here everything is explainable with simple notion of “greed.”

REASON # 3. The owner of a commercial project is already selling the same product from the pages of his own resources.

Neither a normal owner of the commercial project will sell the affiliate product that is a direct competitor of its own. Why lose profits and divert its own visitors and buyers at other people’s resources and with someone to share profits if their own products are sold quite well, and problems with its sales there?

REASON # 4. The owner of a commercial project deals with promotion of own information product and it will not stop for selling affiliate products.

Every internet entrepreneur has a plan to develop his own project on the Internet: launching of a new product on the market, its promotion, support for older products, etc. And no internet entrepreneur will ever engage in promotion of affiliate products if it acts strictly according to plan and execute it faithfully. But if he violates his own plan, then it needs to be a very good reason!

REASON # 5. The author of the product makes an offer to the owner of the commercial project; the subject has absolutely no overlap between them.

Oddly enough, but it happens very often. The entrepreneur does not explore the market, has created an information product and started selling it. As a result, creating a product, he cannot sell it or sell so small that it does not make sense they themselves to be engaged in its advancement in the market for him. It is easier to begin to cooperate with those who have already their own website, mailing list, forum, blog. It does not matter that the subject product is quite different from the theme of the commercial project, through which it is planned to sell!

REASON # 6. The owner of a commercial project believes that the product does not disclose anything that is stated in the ad text and its description.

Any owner of a commercial project values his own reputation accumulated over years of doing business. Consequently, he would never promote the product without disclosing the full issue, which is the subject. The product must be clearly and specifically show how to solve a particular problem, how to do it quickly and easily. If it consists entirely of “water” or did not fully disclose the problem described in it, the owner of a commercial project simply fails in its promotion.

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